How it works


Diagram showing the different molecular parts of TRODELVYᵀᴹ
What TRODELVY is made of

TRODELVY is a type of drug called an antibody-drug conjugate, or ADC for short. ADCs contain 3 parts: an antibody, a linker, and an anti-cancer drug.

A. Antibody

Looks for a specific protein, in this case Trop-2, which can be found in high levels on cancer cells.

B. Anti-cancer drug

Kills cancer cells once they’re found.

C. Linker

Connects the anti-cancer drug to the antibody.

How TRODELVY is thought to attack TNBC tumors

Scientists discovered that patients with TNBC have tumor cells that contain a higher than normal level of Trop-2 protein. TRODELVY binds to cancer cells with Trop-2.

Image showing TRODELVYᵀᴹ attaching to the TROP-2 protein on cancer cells
1. Attaches

The antibody in TRODELVY finds and sticks to the Trop-2 protein on cancer cells.

Image showing TRODELVYᵀᴹ penetrating cancer cell
2. Penetrates

Once attached, TRODELVY delivers anti-cancer drug directly into the TNBC cells.

Image showing TRODELVYᵀᴹ destroying cancer cell
3. Destroys

TRODELVY kills the TNBC cells from within.

This is how TRODELVY was shown to work in laboratory studies. The clinical benefit of these observations is unknown.